Fleet Advisory

Apart from effectively managing vehicle leasing and fleet management requirements of our customers, we assist our customers

Instant Mobility Service

From the time a particular vehicle need is decided by our customers, we engage with them to understand their instant mobility

Vehicle Acquisition

From the time our customers decide about their choice of vehicle, our operations team hand holds the entire vehicle acquisition

Repairs and Maintenance

As a part of complete fleet management service solution, we offer comprehensive repairs and maintenance

Pick up and Drop Service

We value our customers’ time & believe that their time should be spent largely on their professional and personal

Stay New Plan

We believe that our customers should be driving trouble free leased vehicles not only from drive line performance perspective

Accident Management

We believe that the last thing our customers should worry about after an accident is the vehicle & should

24/7 Road Side Assistance

Our 24*7 road side assistance service provides a stress free assistance to our customers in events related to road side breakdown.

Replacement Vehicle Service

In order to provide uninterrupted mobility to all our leasing customers, replacement vehicle service is a critical link

Field Technician Support

We strongly believe in proactive approach towards managing our leased fleet. This not only brings down

Vehicle Disposal

Our commitment to customers is not related only towards a particular vehicle lease but towards meeting their

Total Loss Retention

In an event of vehicle total loss or theft, instead of dealing with the uncertain coverage of risks, we provide a transparent

Tyre Management

As part of providing comprehensive repairs & maintenance solution to our customers, tyre management forms integral

Hydrostatic Lock Coverage

In order to provide complete & hassle free leasing solutions to our customers we offer this service as part of total liability